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Glide Android Library Tutorial – Library #11

Glide Android Library Tutorial

This is library #11 in this series 100 Library in Android , in the previous article we had Butter Knife Android Library Tutorial. In this article we are having the Glide Android Library Tutorial which is fast and efficient open source media management and image loading framework for Android. Why Glide ? Supports fetching, decoding, and displaying video …

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Material Design Icons with Android Studio Plugin Drawable Importer – Library #1

In this tutorial we are having Material Design Icons with Android Studio Drawable Importer Plugin which made developer’s life much more easier when dealing with icons, vectors and images with different resolutions as it has three main features: Android Icons and Material Icons Drawable Import: With this feature you can import any icon from …

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Android Material Design Snackbar

Google announced Material Design Support Library in their Google IO 2015. One of the interesting components is the Android Material Design Snackbar. In this tutorial we’ll have a look on Android Material Design Snackbar types and functions. You can check our Android Material Design Series from here.  Snackbar is just like Toast messages but …

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