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Android Marshmallow Features Preview

Google has officially announced what the M in Android M stands for Marshmallow ! . But what’s the features you can expect from Android 6.0 ? In this article we would have a look at Android Marshmallow Features Preview.

They could say that some of the features will mean more to the android developers and selling them on playStore, So what’s the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features for developers and for normal users ?

As an android developer you can now see the final Android 6.0 SDK is now available to download via the SDK Manager in Android Studio, with this Android 6.0 SDK, they also updated the Android Support Library to v23. The new Android Support library makes it much easier to import many of the new platform APIs, like permissions and fingerprint support. Also you will have some new support libraries including: customtabs, percent, recommendation, preference-v7, preference-v14, and preference-leanback-v17

Android Marshmallow Features Preview

USB Type C

USB Type C is now fully supported in Android Marshmallow, that should hopefully mean that we’ll see Android phones and tablets will be charged much more quicker thanks to the more versatile charging method.

Android Marshmallow Features

Enhanced Volume Controls

The new design for volume controls in Lollipop were not too much loved and Google has listened. So now Android  Marshmallow includes the ability to individually monitor audio from anything making sounds, whether that music or alarms.

Remove Status Bar Icons

Android Marshmallow Features

One of the great Android Marshmallow Features is that possibly customize and toggles for which icons you see in the status bar. so if you always have Bluetooth on and don’t really need a persistent icon taking up space in your status bar, now you can simply remove it from the status bar. This can be applied for hotspot icon, Do Not Disturb, alarm set, work profile, Wi-Fi, cellular data, etc..

RAM Manager

It seems that one of the Android Marshmallow Features is that the user will become familiar with what RAM management is and what you can use it for. So the memory section in Android Marshmallow is located front and center in the Settings menu.

Android Marshmallow Features For Developers

Android Pay

Android Marshmallow Features

Now there’s no need to open an app to make any payment, all you’ll need to do is to unlock and place your handset on a compatible contactless payment terminal and it will do the rest.

Android Pay will be supported on devices with NFC running Android KitKat and above not just available with Android Marshmallow. So Google’s refreshed digital wallet service may launch alongside Android 6.0 and this will open the door for so many app ideas for Android Developers, so you’ll also be able to use Android Pay within third party applications for simple purchases which don’t require you to enter all your details every time.

Visual Voicemail


Information that we got from the Android Developer Preview issue tracker page has indicated that Android M will include Visual Voicemail service accessible by the dialer. So this means that the owners of Android Marshmallow devices will be able to talk with their apps and apps will even talk back!

Marshmallow fingerprint support

Android Marshmallow Features

Fingerprint technology is not really widespread on Android phones, Google is opening the necessary APIs to allow developers to add fingerprint support with any app which will open the door also for too much ideas for Android Developers. this will integrate with Android Pay to authorise payments, making it work a lot like Apple Pay.

That also means that android developers can build it into their own applications, allowing you to sign into them without any need for password, and also pay for goods using Android Pay.

App permissions

 Android Marshmallow Features

App permissions. One of Android marshmallow features is that Permissions have also been simplified. Permissions will now be requested the first time you try to use any feature, so you don’t need to accept all permission while installation.

so for example, to record a voice message in WhatsApp, it will request you with a one-time request for permission to use your mic: if you still wish to give it access and record the message, you can, but you don’t have to. Android M is giving users greater control of the information apps can access, and this is a truly positive step forward for Android so it’s considered to be one of the most effective Android marshmallow features for users and their privacy.

So you can the vision for Android marshmallow features is to give the user complete control over their Android.

Enhanced Google Chrome

In Android marshmallow, Chrome Custom Tabs will allow apps to open a customized Chrome window on top of the active app, instead of launching the Chrome app separately. So Chrome Custom Tabs supports automatic sign-in, saved passwords, autofill, and multi-process security to assist the integration of the app and web experience.

App links 

“When a user selects a weblink from somewhere, Android doesn’t know whether to show it in a web-browser, or some other app that claims support for the link.” it was a problem facing the Android developers before Android Marshmallow.

Every Android user know the ‘Open with’ dialogue box which appears when you try to open a link within an app on Android and  might be asked if you want to open a link with YouTube, or with Chrome.

Now Android Marshmallow is more smarter and app links are being changed in M so that Android has a greater awareness of which apps can open content directly. If you tap a YouTube link in an email, for example, the YouTube app will open automatically instead of prompting you to ask if you want to use YouTube to view it. This is one of the smartest Android Marshmallow features.

In this Article there are so many useful resources for Android Development tools that every Android developer should know about. Also you can see the most important resource and tool for Material Design which is used in Android Marshmallow.

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Android Marshmallow Features Preview
Android Marshmallow Features, Google announced that M stands for Marshmallow, In this article we would have a look at Android Marshmallow Features Preview.
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